My web site editor has a bug, the web site will not link to paypal.. so those of you that want to order, Please order by email. Payment can be made after you recieve your products, I take paypal direct, checks, money orders and charge or debit cards.. thank you.. they are working on fixing this..

A little about my soaps and lotions

I have been making soaps and other body care products for over 15 years now, handmade soaps are made without chemicals and any type of known Cancer causing additives. It is very beneficial to your skin and you. I could go into telling you all about this but with a little research you can learn much of it easily. I use farm fresh milk to make many of these products and I enjoy hearing from you about them. I welcome all feedback and would like to hear from you.. Thank you for considering Maple Ridge Farm Goat milk soaps, we truely love our customers and want to give you the best skin care possible.


New Products for BKT

Exciting News, MRF is Teaming up with Brass Knuckle Therapy for wonderful skin care for your new Tattoo's. We will have Tat soap and Tat Salve, Both made with all natural products, no preservatives, no chemicals.. We will be adding a couple of more new products in the near future.

989-268-5447, landline.

 NEW Phone

989-304-0669 Cell

Please reach out to me by text at the above cell number, you may also reach me on facebook, Barbara Vozar


I am Barbara Vozar on facebook

Good clean soaping fun


We would love to hear from you, please let us know what you want or are thinking about.. We welcome all comments. My web site will not currently connect to paypal, the editiors of simple site are working on this issue.. In the meantime if you need soap, please send me an email to I will send your order out, you can pay me when you recieve it.. I take paypal direct or I can send you an invoice directly, checks, money orders, debit and credit cards. Thank you for your patience. Barbara..